The core focus of our company is offering fractional Finance, Strategy and EOS capabilities for your business. Unlike conventional consulting services, our approach involves working closely with your team on a long-term basis, integrating ourselves within your organization on a weekly or monthly basis. We believe in establishing a strong partnership to drive sustainable growth and success.


A well-defined strategy is fundamental to achieving success in today’s competitive landscape. While a company may survive without a strategy during favorable times, it becomes essential to have a clear vision when facing challenges. We employ the renowned “Playing to Win” framework, enabling us to develop a comprehensive business strategy that positions your company for victory.

Why are we qualified to advise on strategy?

  • Our team has successfully led a $250 million dollar cost transformation initiative at a prominent public company, overseeing the finance aspect.
  • We have held various executive positions in oil & gas and technology-focused companies, where we doubled revenue and facilitated shareholder exits.


An effective operating system is crucial for aligning your team’s vision and ensuring consistent progress toward your company’s goals.

Why are we qualified to advise on EOS?

  • We have extensive experience implementing and utilizing the EOS methodology in our previous C-suite roles.
  • Our team is well-versed in the literature on EOS, having read and absorbed all relevant books on the subject.


Robust financial reporting serves as the cornerstone for establishing a common language within your management team and instilling confidence in your investors and lenders.

Why are we qualified to advise on finance?

  • Our team members possess the prestigious Chartered Accountant designation from PwC, a renowned Big Four firm.
  • We have held senior finance leadership positions in both public and private companies, equipping us with a wealth of expertise and insights.

We are committed to delivering exceptional results and fostering a collaborative environment throughout our engagement with your business. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, we are confident in our ability to enhance your company’s financial performance, strategic direction, and operational effectiveness.

We look forward to discussing how our fractional Finance, Strategy, and EOS capabilities can benefit your organization.